Our Story

Katie and James' musical journey began 15 years ago at an open mic in Wrexham, where they instantly connected over their shared love for music (and the TV series ‘The Office’!)

Fast forward 7 years to James proposing on the rocks outside Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza, and to beginning life as a married couple.

Katie is a classical trained pianist obtaining her Grade 8 with distinction at 17.

James' musical career began as a solo singer songwriter supporting the likes of Oysterband and Nick Harper.

However, it wasn't until just over three years ago, during the challenging times of lockdown, that they truly delved into collaborative songwriting.

This rekindling of their shared passion sparked the birth of Igloo Hearts, a musical project that fuses their distinct musical backgrounds into a harmonious blend.

Since then, their musical journey has developed into something pretty special, building a fanbase of people that are bewitched by their songwriting and musicianship.

Latest Project - Liverpool


Joining forces with the best local talent.

This picture was taken at a recent event in Liverpool hosted by Igloo Hearts - 'For the Love of Piano'. It involved collaborations with some of the most talented pianists, songwriters and musicians in the area.

Working Together...
Collaboration is a beautiful thing.

This picture is taken from a special concert for World Peace Day working alongside Wrexham Community Choir, Carol Donaldson (composer) and legendary artists Tim O'Connor and 'Guitar' George Borowksi.

The concert took place at St Giles, Wrexham (one of the 7 Wonders of Wales).

The choir and Igloo Hearts performed a specially commissioned piece 'Love's Where We Begin' with lyrical input from the choir, composed by Igloo Hearts and arranged by Carol Donaldson.